Gov’t-funded study: Skeptics winning global warming debate

“This is the first experiment of its kind to examine the influence of the denial messages on American adults.”

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Mike Bastasch writes at the Daily Caller:

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2 thoughts on “Gov’t-funded study: Skeptics winning global warming debate”

  1. YOU must be cut off completely from the reality… Older voters that know that water regulates climate are dying – young / brainwashed from university are coming out eligible to voter + Warmist replaced with their own men as heads of every bureaucracy + are getting billions tax $$$… they are losing…?..?! They are ”loosing” WHAT?!

    On the other hand: the opponents don’t believe in climate that is changing all the time, even migratory birds know that BUT: they are the only ones that believe 101% in the NON-EXISTENT GLOBAL WARMING -only is got a ”pause” = Skeptics lost the plot, completely! People; join the believer in climatic changes BUT not believing in the non-existent global warming!!

    Santa and ”global” warming have same ”pause” between january and december, only get activated around december for important conference; to rip-off the Urban sheep AND to confuse even more, the sceptical people about the climate… Even the earthworms know that climate exist in the desert, but is bad because is no water, and where is water is good climate and plenty worms. Water is shock absorber for extreme temperatures, ask the birds. Does anybody knows what’s the IQ of a migratory bird is?! migratory birds know that climate is constantly changing, and would have won against the Warmist Organized Crime (WOC) ”Climate sceptics” lost the plot… completely…

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