4 thoughts on “Enviros organizing to stop dam projects around the world”

  1. So, will they finally stop allowing people to build in flood plains and stop insuring those that live there now?

  2. Australian most popular ”green senator” made himself a name, by PREVENTING hydroelectric dam to be built in Tasmania – so that he can whinge about CO2. Since then, no dam has being built, to save stormwater, on the driest continent on the planet; because dams IMPROVE CLIMATE,

  3. One of the main purposes of constructing dams is to mitigate the effects of irregular stream flow. It appears the greens are opposed to adaptation as well.

  4. What is “agile” about wind and solar? At least hydro power is a lot more predictable, and the lakes are useful for other activities. I hate to see rivers and creeks give way to lakes, but surely there is a common sense balance to be achieved here. Oh wait, we’re dealing with the greens. Common sense, never mind.

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