2 thoughts on “El Nino easing California drought”

  1. Sad to say most of the water will run off into the ocean before it can be put to good use. Not because the ground is so dry. NO, it’s due to short sided, brain dead politicians that build trains from nowhere to nowhere instead of building more dams and catch basins for the impending “rainy day”.

    California is a desert for the most part and drought has never been a surprise much less rare. But the electorate in this state get what they deserve, brain dead idiots like Jerry Brown, that prove time and time again they are only good at one thing, pissing tax dollars away.

  2. Wow, those are some experts! Imagine, rain won’t help a drought, and parched land won’t accept the water causing it to run off, BUT THEN it can cause mudslides. Here I thought dirt needed water to make mud. Science is just too hard.

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