6 thoughts on “Earth’s lakes are warming faster than its air”

  1. Most lakes are nothing more than a fat part of rivers. They are usually fed by rivers and drained by rivers. If they are warming, the rivers must be warming. Since rivers are created by rain falling on land, the rain and or land must be warming. But there is no evidence of warming of the air or the land. In the USA and in most of Europe, most lakes don’t freeze over in winter. There is no difficulty taking measurements. With no evidence of warming of the air, the land or the oceans, funding to researchers is endangered, hence the effort to find warming some where.

  2. Living on the south shore of lake ERIE I call shenanigans on this study. Its temperature is measured Year round, and It is not warming, it is actually cooling.

  3. Gee they only looked at the temperatures during the warmer months because ~it’s too hard~ to do so in the winter time. Then they have the nerve to say that, according to their “research” the lake temperatures are rising. My 10 year old granddaughter could come up with better research than this load of Bandini.

  4. this study only looked at 235 lakes — but there are 306 MILLION lakes in the world.

    0.0000767 % ….another full & robust study!!……. well bust

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