One thought on “Congress: We need to review the Dietary Guidelines for Americans”

  1. A small step, but at least a start.
    I noted earlier this year that the CDC in June 2014, while affirming the salt limit set by the earlier Guideline, also noted that actual medical studies found that up to three times the “maximum recommended” limit (the most studied) had “no noticeable [adverse] effect” on people without PRE-EXISTING (eg high blood pressure) conditions and perhaps the limit should be raised… One day short of a year (364 days) later, the FDA re-established the existing salt limit – and the CDC apparently dropped its recommendation.
    This happens with many food guidelines. With fat, for example, it was “found” in the 1950s that most obese people in the US ate fat – so obviously to eat fat was to get fat. Just like eating mandrake root was obviously good for your body since the root looked like the human body…

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