2 thoughts on “Climate skeptic Maurice Newman says world leaders embracing junk science”

  1. Climate change movement has its roots in Margaret Thatchers ambitions for nuclear power in UK. Without her putting her big mouth in it, there would have been no convention on global warming and no IPCC. It would have remained a fringe esoteric anti-development movement.

  2. Sorry, that’s completely wrong. The ancient druids were nothing like the crazy politicians we have today. They were learned people, skilled in medicine, poetry and law. Their knowledge and teaching was the foundation for Britain, and which probably was a strong influence on the much later British-led industrial revolution.

    Yes the modern and totally alien “Druid” prancing around at Stonehenge is undoubtedly part of the same pseudo pagan new-age clap trap. But please don’t confuse them with real druids.

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