4 thoughts on “Climate deal price tag: $16.5 trillion”

  1. They will claim credit not only for saving the planet but for creating thousands of jobs in the process. Never mind the job losses and economic privations caused in order to fund this idiocy.

  2. doubt it will happen, there has been a surge in oil tanker construction, 12,000 miles of oil pipe have been laid in the last 5 years in the US, if anything use of fossil fuels will expand.

  3. What an absolute joke – what may I ask are you going to power all the planes that have established a world wide economy on and of their own – the arrival of the jumbo jet changed the history of the world and I don’t care how many wooly headed simpletons attended a meeting in Paris it will take one hell of a lot more to completely redesign International travel – forget it – it is never going to happen!
    I also note that the car makers of the world are looking to producing record numbers of petrol powered cars in 2016, so all you idiots that went to Paris better start looking for somewhere else because you certainly are not any part of the real world we live in!

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