3 thoughts on “‘Clean’ cooking a failure in 3rd world”

  1. The flavor of kerosene is just as much an acquired taste as the flavors of charcoal, mesquite, applewood, or pasture pies.

  2. From the original quote, the implication is that it is the taste of the dung and firewood they prefer:

    Cultural preference has been one setback to implementing the new technology. The Stockholm Environment Institute surveyed Indian women who said they preferred to cook with a clay oven using a mix of firewood and dung because of the taste the fuels leave on the food.

    The original paragraph does not mention new fuels in this context.

    As the old expression goes, there’s no accounting for taste. Or perhaps “a roast by any other name would smell excrete.”

    ===|==============/ Keith DeHavelle

  3. A bit ambiguous perhaps:
    They prefer to cook with “firewood and dung because of the taste the fuels leave on the food”.
    Does this refer to the taste left by the new modern fuels rather than the firewood and dung?
    Big difference!

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