4 thoughts on “Canadian warmist: It took El Nino to get Canadians talking about climate change”

  1. The Toronto Star is referred to as “The RED Star” to note its massively left-wing, socialist, marxist bias.

    Dr Fruit Fly (aka Suzuki) is a typical MASSIVE hypocrite about the size of his “carbon footprint” – he lives in a double wide sea shore property, and has at least two other properties on islands in the Gulf of Georgia . It is the peasants who must reduce THEIR “carbon footprint”. He is ENTITLED to his LARGE “carbon footprint”.

  2. The Toronto Star is the most liberal paper in Canada staffed by the most biased reporters in Canada both from a political and a climate change point of view. This so-called reporter has been dumping the climate warming crap for a long time. I suspect that most of her friends and acquaintances are of a similar persuasion.

  3. The Toronto Star is hardly a paragon of objectivity, nor is Teitel. But Canadian David Suzuki, ex-scientist-turned-media-celebrity has been blathering on about global catastrophe of one variety or another since the early 70’s, repeatedly pronouncing certain globsal doom within a decade unless we repent, apologize to Gaia, do away with capitalism and private property ownership (odd for a guy who owns multiple houses), etc., etc. And of course we now have Mr. Selfie, our new prime minister, who apparently believes his own personal reality show reflects actual Canadian life.

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