4 thoughts on “A new space race: Satellites could test the world’s climate vows”

  1. The OCO-2 Satellite has already been doing this, but is not producing the “right” information. NASA has been keeping quiet on the subject, but recently dumped a year of OCO2 data onto one of their servers. For some interesting visualisations developed from the raw data, do a search on Erik Swenson oco2

    I notice that Australia is a net sink of CO2, so there was no need for us to join the boondoggle at COP 21 …

  2. The technology exists to monitor CO2 in the atmosphere remotely, quantitatively, and visually – producing maps of CO2 concentrations that could identify sources. Since a CO2 molecule has no sense of history the technology would report anthropogenic AND natural CO2 sources with impartiality.
    We would see exactly how much CO2 is coming from volcanic, tectonic, biogenic, and hydrospheric sources.
    I anticipate a lot of embarrassing surprises if this actually gets implemented.

  3. Carbon dioxide mixes well in the lower atmosphere so pinpointing a source with high accuracy, especially by looking from space through an atmosphere with significant IR absorption, would be difficult.

  4. They already have great satellites that prove their assertions to be lies.

    And we used to have a real space program before the lefties decided it gave no more control to them and, therefore, was “useless”

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