4 thoughts on “Wow… UN climate chief ‘delighted’ about VW emissions scandal”

  1. Natural laws are and always will be the prevailing laws. It just doesn’t matter how well crafted nor how extensive the consensus may be, positive laws crafted, written and enacted by governments do not now nor will they ever override, nullify or otherwise invalidate any natural laws.

  2. Lets mandate that all of the UN Delegates and staff be required to use electric vehicles, including aircraft, for all of their travel and see how long it takes for a severe course correction at the policy level.

  3. In order to satisfy the world’s demand for automobiles, where will all the batteries come from?
    And the recharging of all these electric cars will put some load on those wonderful solar panels, won’t they?

  4. I ask you, isn’t it time for the climate fear mongers to admit, that they are all deluded individuals in need of happy pills.

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