4 thoughts on “What is the CO2 footprint of a windmill?”

  1. It is a natural impossibility for positive law that is made by governments, regardless of how crafted and regardless of how extensive the “consensus”, to override, nullify or anywise change natural law regardless of how useful it may be for how many human beings. However, natural laws can and do override and nullify and make useless positive laws that are made by governments.

    If there is a conflict, Mother Nature and Father Time will always prevail over Uncle Sam. And ol’ Uncle Simple just may get his clock stopped.

  2. I am all for diversity in energy supply – especially since decentralized grid is more flexible and less subject to single point catastrophic loss of a plant but t idea that you can have some mythical zero impact is simplistic to the point of being dumb.

    All species have impact on their environment, from the plains bison to modifications to forests by pre-European new world cultures to today’s global civilization.

    Good science and reasonable thinking is needed – not knee jerk response by pseudo-environmental groups.

  3. And, furthermore, without economic endeavors that are powered by fossil fuels there will be no money with which governments can pay for subsidizing so-called “re-newables.” Or to pay for governments, period — which may be a very good thing.

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