5 thoughts on “Warmists fretting study showing Antarctica gaining ice mass”

  1. “Four out of five Warmunists agree!”
    (The fifth was on a jet junket climate conference in Bali, and could not be reached.)

  2. NO, Warmist are not fretting about the amount of ice on Antarctic, because: Warmist know that temperature on Antarctic is always below water freezing point. They know that amount of ice depends exclusively on other factors, not global temperature.

    Antarctic ice is only used by the Warmist, to confuse the ignorant phony skeptics, same as they do with all the other Warmist phony proofs……

  3. When you have numerous studies that show ice loss, and one that shows ice gain, you have to be cautious. Measuring the amount of ice on a continent is not a precise procedure. Dismissing the majority of contrary evidence and championing the single report that agrees with you is, though, junk science.

  4. Mann the idiot doesn’t seem to be aware that the Antarctic ice gain is measured, there fore it is not subject to a consensus.

  5. Why is anybody still listening to Mann – a person who has shown he will falsify records to keep the funding flowing?

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