3 thoughts on “Warmists circle wagons over dumbest idea of 21st century”

  1. Thanks for this post. We live in a web of deceit, intriguingly frightening. Information that slips out suggests world leaders themselves may live in constant fear of nuclear annihilation but try to hide that fact from the public.

    I urge those interested in the AGW issue and the UN’s IPCC in Paris to:

    1. Read comments on “Convincing evidence for AGW?”


    2. Consider the implication of statements by Smithsonian’s distinguished Dr. Kenneth M. Towe that:

    _ a.) “Solar storms are 100% predictable,” and

    _ b.) Leaders of all nuclear nations* will be advised before a powerful solar eruption destroys electronic communications and the electrical power grid, plunging modern civilization into darkness without electrical power .

    *China, England, France, India, Iran, Isreal, Japan, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, USA, etc. are in constant communications?

  2. For thousands of years governments have sought to harness the people and resources of their nations to accomplish transformative projects that will affect the future of the entire human race.
    The difference between the ‘Put a Man on the Moon’ project of the Kennedy Administration and the ‘Tower that Would Reach the Heavens’ project of ancient Babylon was that it is actually possible to put a man on the moon.
    Controlling the entire earth’s climate by rationing the production of carbon dioxide is a concept more closely akin to the Tower of Babel.

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