WaPo on NY AG’s Exxon investigation: A case of ‘political make-believe’

“Casting Exxon Mobil as the scapegoat for global warming’s dilemmas is historically inaccurate and a political cheap shot with troubling constitutional implications.”

WaPo columnist Robert Samuelson writes:

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2 thoughts on “WaPo on NY AG’s Exxon investigation: A case of ‘political make-believe’”

  1. Like the John Doe investigations, this is also a fishing expedition.
    Everything the AG can access will be pored over by political operatives looking for anything they can use to damage and/or blackmail Exxon.

  2. To me, freedom of speech must be strictly protected, including things I don’t like. I might learn something new, or I can enjoy watching people hang themselves by their own words. That libel and slander can still be prosecuted is fine.

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