4 thoughts on “VW to compensate diesel owners with $1,000”

  1. @Bob Ciappa

    So don’t “fix” the car. Or “fix” it long enough to pass the emissions test, and then re-install the old (or even a better) operating software so that the engine runs the way you want it to. (It’s a software issue after all.) It’s not that hard. It’s a plug and play proposition. If you can swap out the ram on your computer, or even change a lightbulb, then you can change the EMS.

    (Attn. Aftermarket Diesel Performance Chip Software Providers – https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=diesel+performance+chips : A market opportunity beckons, all bright and glorious. Make it a $200 price point, and the world will be yours.)

    But these people, these Nickel-And-Dimers, are not about that. Rather, they’re about pissing and moaning and whining, thinking that if they do it long and loudly enough then they’ll get all their money back, anticipating the time when they can brag and self-congratulate about how they got to drive a new car for a few years for free.

    As I said before, they’re nothing but Mooches cloaking themselves in the (false) outrage of Environmental Purity.

    Just a thought.


  2. Well said Vic……A lot of new car buyers are basically car-haters who want almost free transport and infinite safety…they stuff up all motoring pleasure for the rest of us who want trouble-free personal transport without all the expensive, mostly ineffective add-ons………..

  3. No. These are people who paid for one thing and got another.
    After VW “fixes” these cars, they won’t perform as well (acceleration-wise).

  4. “Who Are these people?”

    In the retail automotive business they’re referred to as “Clipboard People.” They’re the ones who wander into a dealership with copies and printouts of every last Consumer Report, J.D. Powers, etc. article and analysis of the car in question. Typically they know more about the car than the sales staff, and just as typically they want the car for less than wholesale.

    Another word for them is “Mooches,” and the sales staff will tell you that they are a pain in the ass to deal with, arrogant and demanding, looking for something for nothing.

    It’s no surprise that these same buyers are bitching and moaning now. It was never about having a car that they wanted and would enjoy for years to come. And despite they’re protestations, it wasn’t about making an eco-friendly-green personal statement either. Instead it was all about resale value and spending as little money as possible for “Transportation.” For them a car might as well be a toaster.

    And that’s what all the outrage and pissing and moaning is really all about. And that’s why they’re demanding all their money back, and then some. They’re nothing but cheap frauds who are wrapping themselves in the mantle of Environmental Purity, mooches looking for a payday.

    And that’s who these people really are.

    Hope this helps.

    Just a thought.


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