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  1. It was a Communist Jew that was tasked to starve away the Kulaks-independent farmers-in the Ukraine, which he gleefully fulfilled. Jews were the essential part in the October Revolution and the founding of the Soviet Union. Jews in the Soviet hierarchy were enthusiastic about persecution and execution/internment of Soviet Christians.

    The psychopath who led this genocide was Lazar Kaganovich (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lazar_Kaganovich)

    “Of the seven members of the original Politburo, the inner cabinet of the new Bolshevik regime, four — Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev and Sverdlov — were Jews. The leadership of the Bolshevik Party itself likewise had a stunning preponderance of Jews. In March 1917 the Provisional Government, installed by the first Russian revolution, abolished all legal restrictions on Jews beginning with the Pale of Settlement. After the Bolsheviks seized power in October 1917 they fought hard in the early years of Lenin’s rule to wipe out anti-Semitism in Russia by legal means. After the revolution, Jews quickly moved, Jewish historian Jerry Muller notes, into “important and especially sensitive positions in the bureaucracy and administration of the new regime,” and, as a result, the first encounter with the new regime for many Russians “was likely to be with a commissar, tax officer, or secret police official of Jewish origin.” He concedes that:

    with so many Bolsheviks of Jewish origin in positions of leadership, it was easy to consider Bolshevism a ‘Jewish’ phenomenon. And if Winston Churchill, who was personally remote from anti-Semitism, could regard Bolshevism as a disease of the Jewish body politic, those who had long conceived of Jews as the enemies of Christian civilization quickly concluded that Bolshevism was little more than a transmutation of the essence of the Jewish soul.[6]”


    “The rapid movement of Jews into the economic, cultural, and political leadership ranks throughout the 1920s reached its peak in the mid-1930s. “The last Jewish member appointed to the Politburo,” Muller notes, “was Lazar Kaganovich, who later presided over the politically motivated famine that took the lives of millions of Ukrainian peasants.” In Poland Jewish membership of the Communist Party fluctuated between 22 and 35 percent of the total. Jews were even more heavily represented in the party leadership: in 1935 they are said to have constituted 54 percent of the “field leadership” and 75 percent of the technika (responsible for propaganda).”

    I encourage those interested in Reality to read the article above.

    Current Jewish sympathy and participation of this event is another example of Jewish cryptos, the deceit and lying that is similar to Islamic Taquiyya, deliberate deception in order to personally profit, aka lying for material gain. In this instance, the Marxist Jews in attendance are there to ensure and prevent the real truth from getting out.

  2. No mention of the number of deaths in those two years, except for the figure of 28,000 per day. The little book “50 Years Ago: The Famine Holocaust in Ukraine – Terror and Human Misery as Instruments of Soviet Russian Imperialism” by Walter Dushnyck (World Congress of Free Ukrainians, 1983) quotes various sources for the total number of deaths between 4 million and 10 million, and at least 1.5 million deported, in the Ukraine, plus more in the Kuban and Caucasus areas.

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