3 thoughts on “UK scraps funding for CO2 capture and storage projects”

  1. Despite the pre-COP21 ballyhoo there are at last signs of a return to rationality and logic, and what, with luck, may lead to a rejection of paganism, which is what climate alarmism is where climate alarmism is leading us back . Many , of course, have already arrived.

  2. Nature had long used gaseous CO2 generated by animals

    1. As food for plants, with
    2. The excess stored as carbonates in sedimentary deposits.

    Modern “scientists” are remarkably unable to grasp and/or appreciate the workings of Nature that sustained planet Earth for billions of years before humans appeared.

  3. Mind you, any company working on CCS should have big signs all over, saying “Remember Lake Nyos!”. I kind of think that storing VERY large quantities of CO2 underground is a VERY bad idea!

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