4 thoughts on “Too Funny: NASA to attempt to settle global warming debate with simultaneous satellite monitoring of polar ice”

  1. The once good scientific reputation of NASA is only the latest sacrifice to UN’s greedy, totalitarian control of the world.

    On 24 Oct 1945 the boarders of the old USSR expanded as the name shortened.

  2. NOAA put thousands of ARGOS temperature sensors in the oceans of the world and then threw away the
    data because it didn’t show warmth hiding in the ocean like they postulated. What good is more satellites?

  3. The mystery started during a news black-out of events in Konan, Korea that changed the course of world history in AUG-SEPT 1945, just before nations were united on 24 OCT 1945.

    The events summarized in “Stalin’s science” suggest that the boarders of the old USSR were expanded and the name shortened on 24 OCT 1945.

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