7 thoughts on “The state of climate science and alarm is so dismal that…”

  1. Think about it. She says signs of human interference were everywhere. Did she consider the fact that she was on a boat filled with and operated by human beings. Presumably this was also interference
    that alarmed her. Yes the Inuit live there and I think they are humans. Like most actors I know, she is an airhead!

  2. Is “simplism” the operating principle most often employed by warmists? Their simplistic ruminations certainly make proselytizing a more simplistic undertaking, don’t they?

    the tendency to concentrate on a single part of an argument and to ignore or exclude all complicating factors. — simplistic, adj.

  3. “Thompson doesn’t profess to a deep knowledge of Canada’s climate-change politics”

    & she doesn’t have any knowledge of climate-change science either, she just parrots the lines fed to her….. but then she is an actress.

  4. It’s interesting that a professional actress should admit to having high weight.

    Don’t they normally try to conceal their deviations from ideal body mass index (BMI)?

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