2 thoughts on “The ‘organic’ lie exposed”

  1. The statement “boron is used by organic farmers as fertiliser” is misleading.

    All farmers use boron, whether they know it or not. Boron is a requirement for all vascular plants, in high nanomolar to low micromolar concentrations. But it is toxic to plants at concentrations just slightly above optimal (10x optimal stunts growth; 100x kills). So if they are able to grow anything on their soil, we can be certain that their soil contains the same amount of boron as that of an inorganic farmer (can I say that?) or any soil supporting wild plants.

    That is not to say organic farmers are not a menace, just that boron can’t have anything to do with that.

    Nobody can use boron as fertilizer.

  2. At 90% concentration acetic acid is flammable and corrosive (EU Classification) and flammable (NFPA code 2).
    It is also volatile. Disbursed it will evaporate quickly with no residue. Diluted it is non-toxic (salad dressing). I use it for cleaning glass – it removes grease and oil with no streaking. It is organic in all senses of the word.

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