2 thoughts on “Scientists warned the US president about global warming 50 years ago today”

  1. Very interesting reading.

    I noted that the scientists said that if the temperature increased by 10% it would take 4,000 years to melt the ice caps.
    Since our current temperature increases around 1% a century, it would have to do this for another 1,000 years and then thousands of years later the ice caps would be melted.

    But, all that assumes that their estimates are correct and that no other changes (ie solar heating variations) happen.

    Now we know why Al Gore bought the house in Malibu–he knows he has at least 5,000 years before he is in trouble. (And 5,000 years to sell carbon credits!)

  2. This was a scant 5 years *before* the EPA was created.
    The classic question of “Which came first, Chicken Little or the Rotten Egg” has now been answered.

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