3 thoughts on “Psychologist Lewandowsky claims there has been no warming ‘hiatus’”

  1. My grandmother taught me: “Never tell lies. When you do, you become comfortable with lies. When you are comfortable with lies, you are comfortable with being lied to. When you are comfortable being lied to, you can’t tell lies from the truth. When you can’t tell lies from the truth when other people are talking to you, you are likely to believe them even when they are lying. You become gullible and will never know the truth from a lie. If you always strive to tell the truth, lies will make you uncomfortable, even when someone else tells them. You will always know when someone is lying to you. You will also recognize the truth when you hear it.”
    Lewandowski (and all psychologists for that matter) are trained in ‘relative truth’ – meaning that they cannot recognize a lie if someone earnestly believes some part of it, because that makes it true for that person.
    My late brother, a schizophrenic with a genius IQ, was able to consistently fool psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychoanalysts because he knew how gullible their ‘moral relativism’ made them.

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