2 thoughts on “Obama’s stubborn, willful complacency on terror”

  1. Everyday we learn more of what we have been denied seeing the SIZE OF. I see no other conclusion Obama is committing TREASON and the TEA PARTY are not building a “wall”.

  2. The question occupying the nation’s mind is, will ISIS strike here as they did in Paris. Yes. They are powerful, well organized, well financed, cunning and fanatical. But they also have an advantage here, an enabler, political correctness. Even though the agencies charged with our protection were well aware of the threats that the Ft Hood shooter and the marathon bombers posed, they allowed them to carry out their deadly rampage with impunity, “lest we offend Islam”. Our PC immigration policies have allowed hundreds of them to infiltrate our borders and drop out of sight. They will strike because we WILL NOT stop them.

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