One thought on “Obama’s new energy coalition includes the new King Coal — George Soros”

  1. Stalin apparently used the slogan, Better Red Than Dead,” to first forge the unholy alliance of selfish capitalists and communists in 1945 that now rules the world.

    In 1945, George Soros was 15 years old and Maurice Strong was 16 years old.

    I suspect that Maurice and George:

    1. Seriously believed in the UN’s mission to save the planet from selfish abuse of its resources, as many of us once did, and

    2. Might have changed their minds if allowed access to information that shows Stalin formed the UN in 1945 to hide the Creator and Sustainer of atoms, lives and planets the solar system.

    The control of information by computer software tyrants – like Bill Gates – makes ignorant slaves of talented world leaders like George Soros and Maurice Strong.

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