2 thoughts on “Obama offers phony solution to ‘climate change’”

  1. The real motive of global warming/climate change is not about the environment, it never was. It is a tool used by the elitists to return us to a two level society, (Communism/ feudalism) where we only have the elite “ruling class” and the slaves, (the rest of us.) If they were actually concerned about the environment they would act responsibly about it, they do not. One of Obama’s golfing or campaign speech trips waste enough fossil fuel to power a small town all winter long. And it is not limited to him, everyone of the “greenies” are among the worst climate abusers, resource wasters in the world. Does the name Al gore ring any bells?

  2. While it is possible that some other magical energy source will be discovered and/or developed, the probability of that happening at this late date approaches so close to zero that it is virtually indistinguishable from the probability that the Bamster will develop a fully functioning adult mind.

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