One thought on “Obama: COP21 will show world ‘not afraid’ of extremists”

  1. Obama don’t care what happens to the United States. He wants it his way or he will attempt to destroy it from within with the help of the Muslims. it is the reason he has us so fragmented socially, everyone is against everyone, there is no real positive dialogue, just widening division. now with the ‘refugee’ issue, it will be at a flash point and our nation is sitting on the powder keg. and once we stop giving him the platform to set the talking points for his minions and imps, watch what his left hand is doing when he is showing his right, we may be able to at least catch up to the curve. He will never be truthful, and he has everyone in congress running around like chickens with their heads cut off. He needs congress to take him, Biden, Kerry, Lynch, and half of the Senate out of office … what needs to happen is very close scrutiny with everything he does.

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