3 thoughts on “Novelist in NYTimes: Obama should end fossil fuel extraction on public lands”

  1. Although nobody reads the “slimes” much anymore, I’m sure far, far fewer people have read this bozo’s stuff. And BTW, hasn’t Obammie already stopped any extraction on Federal land?

  2. So, this is the same NYT that last week published a column criticizing “Deniers” who weren’t scientists, that particularly ridiculed what the writer decried as the “Deniers” usual first statement, “Well, I’m no scientist, but . . . “. That column, written by a college professor of philosophy, quoted a comedian and late night television host in its second paragraph. And now the NYT brings in a novelist to advise on energy policy. Interesting.

    Also, interestingly, the comments I submitted to the NYT on the earlier column, the lede of which was, “Well, I am a scientist . . . “, and in which I proceeded to show, with documentation, that the warmists are actually the true “Deniers,” (e.g., they deny that no warming has occurred in 18 years, that Mann’s “hockey stick” has been totally debunked and was based on fudged data, and that arctic and antarctic ice are at record levels), was spiked by the “moderators” of the comment section.

    What anti-intellectual and anti-scientific argle-bargle the NYT publishes these days.

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