7 thoughts on “MSNBC: World to heat up by 37 degrees F by 2100”

  1. This is a name brand news source, so it MUST be true, even if they DON’T know anything, including arithmetic and facts!

  2. A 2.7 degC change is not the same as 2.7 degC, which is 37 degF. But these idiots don’t seem to know the difference.

  3. Ha, ha! These boneheads plugged 2.7°C into a temperature conversion app and it spit out 37°F. Way to build credibility, guys!

  4. This is, of course, absolutely ridiculous! People (they are definitely not scientists) making need to be exposed for who they are. If a cult leader states the date Christ will return or when the aliens will come in their space ships to save us from worldwide catastrophe, the vast majority of the public know what and who to believe. These simpletons are either insane or false prophets, in neither case should they be taken seriously.

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