Mixed message on weed-killer reflects reality of scientific uncertainty

Whatever. Glyphosphate, other pesticides and other chemicals in the environment don’t cause cancer.

Glyphosphate has been used for decades and has been thoroughly studied. No credible evidence suggests that it causes cancer.

Reuters reports:

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4 thoughts on “Mixed message on weed-killer reflects reality of scientific uncertainty”

  1. Roundup may or may not be the primary cause of cancer, but it sure’s shootin’ causes other nasty effects. And it’s so easy to kill most weeds without using any poison at all…just a trowel, or at most a hoe.

  2. This is a classic case of ‘reverse equivocation’.
    In standard equivocation the participants in a debate are using the same term to represent different concepts.
    In reverse equivocation the participants in a debate are using different terms to represent the same concept.
    In this case the confounded concept is ‘carcinogenicity’, and the disparate terms are ‘hazard identification’ and ‘risk assessment’.
    Both terms strive to quantify the issue, but due to the lack of standard terminology and the absence of standard metrics for related factors, the discussions reduce to GIGO.

    BTW, Kathlean, everything you eat is radioactive. The NATURAL carbon-14 in your food causes more genetic mutations in your DNA (about 3 mutations every 10 seconds) than all other known carcinogens – COMBINED.

  3. FACT Round Up causes BRAIN CANCER – sales of Round Up increased by over 70% 2012, Sales HOME DEPOT, WalMart. their commercials that LIE. Round Up no longer kills weeds root systems. They KEEP coming back we keep spraying them. WATER SHEDS are where the RUN OFFS of our CHEMICAL world go to. Round Up, pesticides, and fertilizers ,”TENT YOUR HOUSE ” for termites – inspections – full disclosure CHEMICALS ! Bio Terrorism

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