Michael Mann: Defamed or defined by ‘Hide the decline’?

As Mann again accuses other of spreading climate misinformation, it’s time to refresh our recollection of how Mann “hid the decline.”

First, and to get you in the proper mood, check out the “Hide the Decline” YouTube video that Mann threatened to sue over.

Click here for our definitive and easy-to-understand account of the hide-the-decline scandal.

One thought on “Michael Mann: Defamed or defined by ‘Hide the decline’?”

  1. Very typical of committed progressives to accuse the opposition of neferious activities that the left is extremely guilty of. If Exxon and the Koch Brothers are involved in anything related to climate change I’m sure they are both focused on two critical areas: 1) making sure our government doesn’t make policy decisions that will be extremely detrimental to our socioeconomic health, and 2) funding research to determine the actual causes of climate change. Both of these goals, while critical to our society and scientific advancement, would be extremely threatening to Mann, his entire reputation and funding is completely tied to the AGW hypothesis. If (when) this hypothesis is finally debunked, he will go down in history, along with Gore, as the two criminals who put their personal desires, wealth, and reputations above the socioeconomic health of our civilization. Their only hope is that this world-wide fraud will not be exposed until after they “cross over.”

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