5 thoughts on “Keystone XL Irony: Oil still getting to market”

  1. Hey we just built a new Shovel in the oil sands so we can dig more faster. Obozzo the idiot thinks that he can stop energy production, what does he think we will fall back on unicorn farts? We also did 2 new shovels in the powder river basin to get that good plentiful cheap coal.

  2. Lets see, can we connect the dots of Crony Capitalism
    Warren Buffet strongly supports President Obama
    Warren Buffett Purchases a controlling interest in Burlington Northern Railroad
    Burlington Northern is the Railroad that carries crude oil instead of the Keystone pipeline.
    President Obama unilaterally stops the Keystone Pipeline.

    Geee, am I missing something here.

  3. The oil is being transported by rail as evidenced by the recent derailments and resulting fires in the N central states. Warren Buffet is a major stockholder in BNSF and possibly others. With no pipeline, the oil will be transported by rail and trucks. And of course it benefits—-Bufffet.
    It also helps hinder Canadian oil production which benefits Iran and Saudi Arabia.

  4. Someone please confirm or blow off the rumor that Warren Buffet’s ownership of Canadian rail lines or tanker cars earns him $1 million every month that Keystone isn’t approved?

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