2 thoughts on “Irony: India accuses Obama of ‘carbon imperialism’”

  1. Future generations will look back in complete bewilderment at today’s dangerous man-made global warming alarmism nonsense. They will wonder why today’s politicians, scientists, economists, and the media went into a frenzy and embarked on a crusade to halt climate change because of normal minuscule temperature variations and flawed computer model projections that used incorrect assumptions about the climate system, rather than simply recognising what the only true global temperature data (satellite temperature data) was indicating … that there was no discernible global warming occurring as a consequence of atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment, and hence there was no need to waste trillions of dollars trying to fix a non-problem.

  2. All you need to know about “ObamaScience” is that our president, while in Alaska referred to two receding glaciers as due to “Climate change”. However one of the two, “Exit” has been receding since about 1750, so 100 years BEFORE co2 level began increasing (and it’s only co2 tht can be blamed for the “climate change”). Worse, there’s half a dozen other GROWING Alaskan glaciers, including “Hubbad” and “Taku” WHO is OBama’s science advisor? Looks as if he’ll soon be under the bus.

    Assume ALL glaciers STOP receding. Would that not imply that our next ice age was underway?

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