5 thoughts on “Howler: Naomi Klein says Paris climate conference can bring peace to the world”

  1. The only thing that brings on the violence, is Jihad, and that is the closest our Muslim president will get to saying Islam, he says Jihadists …. wonder how he defines Jihadists? Could it actually be… in order to be a Jihadist, you first have to believe in the ISLAMIC “Holy War”… and although it is not a ‘pillar’ of Islam, it is a substantial part of ISLAM as a religion … Same with the Sharia Law, or the Law of ISLAM … and until I see the ISLAMIC reformation, and the changing of their Quran as reformed, then it is still ISLAM … plain and simple, if you are a Muslim and hold the Quran as your Holy Scripture, you are going to eventually join in in the Jihad … it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

  2. I notice that my comments on Ms. Oreskes went into the wrong discussion forum! The text came from careless application of the almighty Search+Copy-Paste-engine on my recent texts. Not that I feel any differently on Naomi Klein, to be sure. Anyway, sincerest apologies!

  3. Maybe it’s time for the New Yorker to consider shutting it’s doors and just giving up on it all. When you find yourself publishing crap written by commie-clowns like Naomi Klein that quote raving pompous lunatics like John Kerry, it’s bedtime for Bonzo.

  4. As the renowned thinker C. Brown uttered on various occations, “Good grief”. Opposite to what these jokers say, if anything causes poverty and wars it is the lack of cheap and reliable energy people in the Middle East and Africa have to endure. As to Ms. Oreskes, she is untangible because her professorship is in a discipline where no quantitative measures of scientific competence exist; it is enough if the right people think you are cool and then tenure and fame are guaranteed. I leave her geological potense aside, but that is anyway non-conseq

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