House Science Chair: Changing the data to get climate change

“The House Science Committee intends to use every means available to fulfill its responsibilities to ensure any changes to historical temperature data are grounded in sound science, not an extreme environmental agenda.”

Rep. Lamar Smith writes at

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3 thoughts on “House Science Chair: Changing the data to get climate change”

  1. The why you deal with insubordinate children is to take away the things they want/like.

    Shut off their funding until they provide the material that they are bound by Federal law to provide.

  2. “NOAA changed the way it has analyzed data for decades to get results that support the president’s agenda.”

    Yeah … right. Suddenly NOAA discovers that “they’ve been doing it wrong” for decades, but won’t explain just how it was wrong to begin with, and how they “fixed” it.

    I smell something, and its a lot bigger than just “a rat”.

  3. No true scientist is afraid to have his tests, procedures, and results cross checked and tried by others. He will appreciate being informed of mistakes and various options. True science is based on facts, not consensus, not emotion.

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