5 thoughts on “Global warming? These 73 patches of snow lasted all year”

  1. Seventy-three patches of year round snow.

    Seventy-three embryonic glaciers.

    The honest climatologists are predicting another cold and long winter up there.

  2. @ R.S. Helms
    Maybe I’m dim, but whats the connection with your lengthy paranoid tirade & 73 patches of non melting snow in Scotland ???

    Do explain,…..concisely, if possible.

  3. Treaty or Accord, it really makes no difference to Obama, or the Senate… as they have never did what their rhetoric implied they would do… Obama works with and for the UN not the US. In addition, global warming, (climate change), is essential to the implementation of Agenda 21. (formally the “Sustainable Development accord)… and now with over 500 towns, cities, and counties of the United States signed on to the Agenda 21 in in addition to the federal government unconstitutional “Western Land grabs” … the only way to stop the Obama/Japan/UN alliance, is to get out of the UN and the UN out of our nation… Study the UN published Agenda 21 (available on their official website, and PDF downloadable) and the Money… the Us is the largest contributor , and Japan is second, and the Pacific Rim Fair Trade Agreement is lined up to complement NAFTA, creating as much trade deficit as we have in our national debt. all of this has been creeping along for over six decades, and for the past 7 1/2 years it has accelerated with an almost self generating energy and momentum. Our country has been expertly fragmented by the Obama administration by filling the minds of our citizens with so much “manufactured” critical issues, that regardless of what issue becomes hot, the administration is able to fly under the radar to move other issues along. For Example: When was the last time you really took a look at the economy and inflation? Now that the issue of “Syrian” refugees is an out of control issue, allowing climate change, and gun control to move forward under the radar, now a chance for a new narrative, the Colorado Springs active shooter, at the Planned Parenthood, perfect issue and could not have happened at a better time for the Obama liberal machine.

  4. “These 73 patches of snow lasted all year

    Most since 1994.” ????

    NO, none since 1994 !!!

    The 73 patches of snow where laid down last winter (2014-15) & didn’t melt in summer 2015 (the hottest year ever !!! maybe it was the wrong kind of heat)

    so is approx 12mths old.

    The last time this happened was in 1994 !!!

  5. Not really, with all the fresh water being dumped into the oceans (ala ‘The Day After Tomorrow”) shutting down the gulf stream, global warming is causing global cooling. Doesn’t settled science come from Hollywood?

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