One thought on “GLOBAL WARMING? NASA says Antarctic has been COOLING for past SIX years”

  1. The satellite data contained in the document below displays a “pause” in CO2 starting around 2005. Please look at the graph of the ACOS data in figure 6.

    Figure 6. Time-series of globally averaged CO2 mixing ratios from AIRS Version 5 (2002-2012) and ACOS Version 2.9 (2009-2012). A subset of the ground observations record at Mauna Loa Observatory (1982-2012) (Tans and Keeling, 2012) is given for reference.

    Figure 2. The mid-infrared spectrum of clean air in a 24 m cell. Main absorption bands of target gases CO2, carbon monoxide (CO), and water vapor (H2O) are shown. [After Howard (1959) and Goody and Robinson (1951)].

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