5 thoughts on “GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’”

  1. The image of Parka wearing Equatorial dwellers dragging climate hoaxers through the streets to their punishment is appealing.

  2. This report has a lot of Steve Schneider on it. As in it doesn’t matter which way the wind is blowing, the climate grifters will preach disaster and just switch sine.
    You’ve been fighting against the frog boiling “scientists” / welfare con-men for too long to surrender to the ice age is coming freaks.

  3. If the world’s governments succeed in their current war on CO2, AND if sun activity does, in fact, cause the globe to cool in the near future, you can be sure the warmists will claim it was their ignorant policies which did it. They will shout from the rooftops, “See, I told you so!”

    When that happens I will be saying, “See, I told you so!”

  4. Not on topic, but can I record how pleased and grateful I am that Steve is back in the chair.

    Huge increase in quality.

    As I have said at WUWT and other places, this site got me involved in CAGW scepticism around 2000, maybe earlier. As a professional policy analyst, to me the whole thing stank to high heaven from Day 1. Thanks to Steve and many others down the track, who mostly worked for no pay, it turns out that the whole exercise is indeed a steaming pile of manure.

    I just wish I was rich enough to donate some of those “big oil” moneys that you are supposed to be getting. Sadly, I can’t. But, I have promoted this site all over the blogosphere for many years, so hope that helps. I repeat – more power to your arm!

  5. “97%” is such a magic (imaginary?) number!

    I doubt predictions of Solar Cycle lengths and strengths based on the analysis of 32 years (1976-2008) of data …

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