Funny: Warmists think tumbling coal prices mean less coal will be used

Who wouldn’t want to have their economy centrally planned by these people? reports:

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Fall prices are seen as a harbinger of coal’s doom:


However, cheaper coal just encourages more coal. Coal, in fact, is the fastest growing energy source on a global basis.


2 thoughts on “Funny: Warmists think tumbling coal prices mean less coal will be used”

  1. The cheaper coal becomes the more attractive it becomes as the Fuel Of Choice for Emerging Economies.
    Don’t forget, China has 200+ new Coal Fired Generating Plants under construction or in the final planning stages, with more in the early planning stages.

  2. If there is no coal and other fossil fuels being used then there will be no economic endeavors able to “throw off” taxes and fees to governments with which to subsidize the crony socialist so-called “renewable” energy production.

    Money, if it is to be real, must be a proxy for energy and don’t you dare forget it. There must be energy to use if there is to be legitimate money to pay for production and then the person who has produced and has been paid the money is able to access the product that results from the expenditure of energy by other producing people.

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