3 thoughts on “EU climate chief says US must consider binding Paris pact”

  1. The idiots from Brussels just make rules and expect folks to follow. The deal over here is people have inalienable rights and the Constitution only gives limited authority to govt. If folks wanted, the entire EPA could be wiped out by congress and the bureaucrats put on the street. No Constitutional question whatsoever. What has been delegated can be taken back. A refreshing thought in today’s govt in your face environment. Sovereign citizens-unite, take up arms and defend your freedoms while scaring potential muggers.

  2. Oh God, Tadchem old chap, if only you knew half of it. Don’t know where you are based but I can tell you as someone who lives and works in Europe, that the EU is utterly corrupt and the centre of this corruption is the EU Commission.

    It’s aim is simple – to render sovereign nations weak and incapable and then destroy them. Miguel Arias Canete would not, of course, recognise a ballot box if he fell over one on Fifth Avenue. Because democracy is anathema to these people; they fear and hate the will of the people.

    His attitude to the good folk of the United States is that they are an inconvenience to put aside, tied up and made helpless by bureaucracy and the entanglements of international treaties negotiated by unelected panjandrums like himself. His approach is emboldened by the left wing political freeway held open by the lame-brained hapless communistic idiot that sits in the White House.

    For those of us who have studied European history and are quiet,yo watching the slow-motion car crash that is 21st century EU politics, Canete holds no fear. We remember what happened to Hitler and Mussolini – and Canete and his ilk will eventually end up swinging from a lamp-post or with his throat cut in a Brussels suburb somewhere.

    But we do worry about the United States and why the a Republican Party has gone sleep. Where are the defenders of democracy in the USA?

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