2 thoughts on “EPA says only wind/solar qualify as ‘renewable energy’ under Clean Power Plan”

  1. The EPA, along with another half dozen or more Cabinet Level Alphabet Agencies need to be disbanded. All of them have overstepped the bounds of Constitutional Authority, most of them from the point of first being proposed as a federal “responsibility” or ” area of authority”.
    Hydropower won’t get any money because it is already the cleanest source of energy, especially when you factor in the amount of “pollutants” involved in the construction phase of any energy project. Add in the additional benefits of Hydro and it looks even more attractive on the balance sheet. There just isn’t the opportunity for graft in Hydro as in wind/solar.
    The same thing applies to Geothermal with respect to graft. Since there aren’t as many places where Geothermal is feasible the opportunities for a large rakeoff aren’t there, particularly when the ongoing high maintenance costs of Geothermal are factored in.

  2. I really wonder when we are going to stop the EPA from running the lives of the people? They, (through regulations), control every aspect of our lives. The EPA, IRS, are the two top abusers of power, (I don’t understand why congress simply take away their ability to make law), the BLM, USDA, FDA, control what we eat, the Department of Education, Department of Health and Social Services, and the Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice, finish out the abuse of power and Obama’s “Cap and Trade” … but what do we have? In doing all this, we have nearly nullified the power of Congress, the Constitution, and in the vacuum we have submitted to the authority of the UN and their Agenda 21. We have a nation nearing the flashpoint divided on every front, with hate continuing to build. Something needs to happen soon before the time-bomb detonates. I truly lay it at the feet of the last four presidents, especially Obama, and his gang of Czars.

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