5 thoughts on “Dutch electric car boom powered by… coal”

  1. Don’t overlook that the “generous tax incentives” are made affordable and available because of revenues that are provided by economic endeavors that are powered using energy that is produced from traditional energy sources: ie, coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear, etc.

    Also, hydropower is something of a nonstarter in a nation that is mostly just above sea level and in some places is just below sea level. Blow wind, blow. And CHARGE!

  2. In areas of the country where electric generation is from coal and natural gas, electric cars are basically hydrocarbon powered vehicles with extremely long transmissions and exhaust systems. Nuclear power does not produce CO2 but the same people who are scared to death by fossil fuels also hate nuclear.

  3. The “Dirty Little Secret” of electric cars that none of the watermelons want to admit is that electric cars are ~Not~ “zero emission” they merely shift the emissions from a vehicle tailpipe to the smokestack of some remotely located power plant.

  4. yes Kathlean, it is. The Dutch produce a lot of natural gas but because of trade agreements closed by a socialist PM with the USSR in the 1970s it’s all pumped to Russia at below production prices, and then bought back from Russia at above market prices, causing the Dutch taxpayers to lose out twice on every cubic meter of natural gas produced.

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