3 thoughts on “Congressman discovers how to stop global warming”

  1. Pat, Exxon, like most big corporations, has NEVER questioned the consensus!!! The presentation that is being used as a basis for claiming they suppressed research is actually just an overview of independent research that everyone knew about. The presentation recommended that Exxon get into renewables and continue funding independent research etc.

    This whole story of Big Orl being against Gorebull Warming is a myth as most of them even contributed to the environmental groups banging the drums the loudest and gave NOTHING to the sceptics!! Large Corporations are highly attuned to getting in on all gubmint handouts like subsidies for building renewables and researching new energy sources. People continually claim that Big Orl gets subsidies. Well, many of them do. The same way the Gorebull Warmers do based on research the gubmint wants them to do for renewable energy and building wind and solar farms and funding things like biodiesel research.

    It is another of those BIG LIES!!! The enviros told it so often and so loudly people simply believe it. The Corporations didn’t say anything for fear of the bad publicity from Green Peace, WWF or one of the others starting a boycott against them.

  2. You see, only Exxon, a publicly traded company, must produce documents.
    Because they questioned the church of climate alarmism.

  3. The taxpayer paid for their positions and their work and the communications they carry out in doing their work. There is no concern about national security or trade secrets or problem with separation of powers in what they produce. Thus NOTHING they produced on the taxpayers dime is confidential or privileged. Further, the HR is responsible for the purse strings of the US Government. It has a Constitutional obligation to ensure it is getting quality work from the funds disbursed. There can be no legitimate legal argument for denying the HR it’s ability to ensure that public funds are being used properly.

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