9 thoughts on “Clinton promises ‘enough clean energy to power every home in America’”

  1. over at http://wattsupwiththat.com/ I saw and article where a real scientist did the math on what is would take to power the USA base level with solar panels. By the time you add it all up you have to cover like 1/3 of the western states with panels, then you need massive storage capability for the occasional rain, and for the frequent ocurrance of that phenomenom called night. In other words it can’t be done, but that never stops a brain dead democrat to try.

  2. “Clean Energy” is not the same thing as “Free Energy,” though I suspect that the latter is what Clinton’s supporters hear when she opens her mouth. And, I suspect, that is what she really means:

    “Vote for me! I’ll give you free stuff!!!”

    (“Let somebody else pay for it.”)

    Just a thought.


  3. She may be able to get laws passed that decree her promises will be fulfilled but until she, or someone, finds a way to amend and change the laws of thermodynamics her promises will have no more meaning than the promises made by Obama and the Democrats in Congress to make healthcare and medical treatment affordable and available to everyone as and when needed.

    But both Hillary and Bernie appear to be true believers who believe in the devinely capable, omniscence, and omnipotence nature of governments. And the Fed and The Treasure no longer even need a printing press — just a keyboard. Ain’t that sweet?

  4. Drove once just north of the Canadian border through a beautiful region abundant with glowing maples and neat little cities and villages. We wondered aloud whether that area would experience any real freezing in the winter. Came a sign by the wayside that proudly explained that the local winter temperature record was a hefty minus 42 degrees centigrade. First, solar panels would not be of much help then. Second, the amount of firewood needed to keep houses even in smaller cities from freezing to a lump of ice is easily calculated to be non-manageable. That is why villages up North stayed small until oil and coal came along making it possible for them to became cities, and that is why the frost is going to erase them if America really gets rid of fossil fuels. Maybe in a hundred years we have fusion energy and what not, but looking at the time constants of developing big technology there will still be decades of grim freezing (and sweating the other half of the year) until we are there.

  5. I would like a unicorn too please. And if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, a first prize winning lottery ticket (you can forgo the unicorn in such case).

  6. Sounds a lot like the promise made by another progressive Democrat, FDR when he promised “a chicken in every pot”.
    We all know how well that worked out. And we’re still paying for it today.

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