One thought on “Climategate erupted 6 years ago today”

  1. ”Climategate” exposed the Warmist & Skeptics for what they are::


    Any lumberjack, or orchard farmer can tell you that: ‘’prosperity of a tree depends on many, many different factors’’ BUT: somebody had to intercept emails, and write a book about ‘’Climategate’’ – so: the ‘’experts’’ on the net can beat themselves in the chest, and ridicule the conspirators… it’s like; somebody just discovered the wheel for them, few years ago… (they are the best proof; why the Warmist are marching from victory to victory)

    Many years before the ‘’Climategate’’ – when the first time I heard on the TV box that: -‘’experts by tree rings are discovering the variations in past global temperatures’’ I couldn’t have believed my ears…and instantly said to myself: -‘’the trees are not lying, but: dishonest people are using trees, to tell lies’’!!!

    Here are only couple of examples why, (you can ad up plenty more examples):

    Lets use two trees, 20 feet apart – three #1 and tree #2. O.K:

    #1: farmers know that: some soils are better for ‘’wetter years’’ other soils prefer dryer years (sandy/ clay soils) -> tree#1 has more clay, than tree #2 a bit more sandy soil => tree#1 would have thicker rings in dryer year / #2 in wetter years. which means: those trees will show different thickness rings, for same years. b] tree#1 was next to indented surface, which was gradually losing in floods the topsoil, but not the #2 = different thickness rings, for same years! BUT: a branch has fallen after in that indent, and started in floods to stop mulch coming from upstream-> improved thickness of his rings for next few years, but not the other one. After 10years branch rotted, and the floodwater started digging big drainage on the spot-> tree#1 was depraved from nutrients-> next rings were almost invisible.

    Then couple of birds made a nest on #1 tree. Birds collected insects and seeds on a large radius area, and shitted all over the lucky tree – shower washes the bird poo onto the roots, as the most beautiful organic fertilizer -> that tree improved, and developed bushy leafs – because of that, other birds made nests on it also-> started to develop the best thick rings for next 5 years, BUT, not the other tree, 20 yards away. Then on tree #2 the eagle made nest-> that made the other birds to disappear -> #1 tree decreased rings thickness, but #2 increased the rings thickness, because the carnivore eagle poops ‘’blood and bone fertilizer’’ the best. AND: I didn’t say anything about the tree#3, 24feet away. Because under that tree was flatter land and no fallen branches, two cows were coming under it, every day for siesta; were crapping under it, all that fertilizer was enjoyed by the lucky tree #3 –Yes in climatology everything is bullshit, except the cowshit – cowshit is definitely not bullshit, but the best organic fertilizer! Therefore: for that tree, few bucketfuls of crap increased the temperature on the whole planet by 1,4C. Until one day the cow running away, slipped and braked her leg under the tree #1. After the cow died, tree #1 had the best blood and bone from it, for next 30 years. If that tree was cut for studying, would have shown as: ‘’the best rainfall, the hottest 30 years of global warming on the WHOLE , by 2,3C, just because one cow run out of luck.

    So: the trees are not lying, but: people using trees as ‘’proxy’’ are the real grand criminals, because: IF Michael Mann wants you to think that: -‘’a tree that cannot tell about the temperature on the hill in California, where was growing; how the hell can tell about Africa, Siberia, China, Australia, south America, Antarctic AND all the waters in-between?!?! That conman is still benefiting ‘’under false pretence’’ – billions squandered for ‘’preventing the non-existent global warming’’ – because of criminals like him… BUT: when you observe Warmist V Skeptics debate about ‘’Dr. Mann’’ –as if the hardcore criminal is a prophet…!!! When the conman Mann deserve longer jail sentence than Bernard Madoff – because Mann is responsible for squandering more other people’s billions, than Madoff! If Mann was a medical doctor… well, for him and similar protagonist; must be established some kind of Nurnberg model international court of justice! For everyone who deserves more than 8 lifetimes jail sentences. TREES NOT GUILTY!!! One attempting to get ”GLOBAL temperature data” from tree rings => is admission that: the character is a shameless con! Verdict: the conman Michael Man should shove the ”tree rings temperature data” up his own ring! Anybody ”believing” in any ”proxy data” is either a con, or a collateral damage to the aggressive / skilful propaganda… a zombie..

    YOU know that: simultaneously is floods somewhere, drought other places, but conveniently they didn’t want to know. Can ”global warming” and ”global” cooling be at the same time?! What YOU don’t know is: SIMULTANEOUSLY is warmer than normal somewhere / colder than normal other places, always. Because: they emphasize where is warmer, and avoid to mention that is ”colder” than normal other places! you should know why, unless the propaganda has done a good job on you…

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