3 thoughts on “Claim: Largest French glacier lost 3 meters this because of warming”

  1. What I didn’t see when I followed the link was any actual materials & methods. How did this laboratory measure this change? What is the actual change in the last 100 years? How much has the glacier head moved, again ideally based on verifiable yearly measurements with +-sd.

    Short term changes, especially without contributing factors (snow pack, summer melt, consistent weather pattern change, etc.) Accounted for. We are in an interglacial period, which is due to end, but none of the pop-science global warming pushers have ever shown how their model accounts for that.

  2. 3 Meters is about 9 feet, (118.1102 in.), that is a lot of ice… and I really don’t buy that tail, there is some natural elements, along with solar cycling not included in the study, which are not being used, and have not since the mid to late 1800s. The cap is capable of receding 8-12′ during seasonal change, depending on the shadow side of several peaks and spires. Nonetheless, the researchers claim is in ice thickness, which would be bogus for the study, (3 meters ice depth lose in one season) This is one of the reasons that western climate science is so untrustworthy since the whole issue of Global Warming/climate change being caused by man.

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