Carol Browner, Nuclear Power and a Paycheck

Funny how former EPA administrator and first Obama energy/environment czar Carol Browner didn’t help nuclear power when she actually had the opportunities to do so.

It is nice that Browner, now that she’s on the nuclear industry payroll, penned this letter in today’s NYTimes.

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But she failed to help the nuclear industry when she actually had some influence.

First, one of her last acts as EPA administrator under Bill Clinton, was to issue unnecessarily stringent guidelines for the Yucca Mountain spent nuclear fuel storage site.

Then, while she was Obama’s energy czar, Obama killed the Yucca Mountain facility all together.

It’s okay for people to be paid to advocate for something in which they actually believe. But flip-flopping just for a paycheck is gross.

2 thoughts on “Carol Browner, Nuclear Power and a Paycheck”

  1. Just goes to show you that it’s all about the MONEY, no matter where it’s coming from, these so-called environmentalists will change their minds at the slightest change of financial situation.

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