2 thoughts on “AP points out futility of Paris climate conference”

  1. The statement should say, (SOME) “Scientists say coal, oil and gas emissions, including carbon dioxide and methane, are key drivers of rising temperatures that could lead to intense droughts or flooding of island nations.

    If governments are to have money to use for subsidies for so-called “renewables” such as wind and solar, then coal and other fossil fuels are absolutely essential for powering the economic endeavors that can provide the tax payments with which to pay the subsidies. Financial losers such as solar and wind cannot even be self-sustaining, not even to think of them being mutually subsidizing. Also, I don’t know where and when it will come into play, but there really is a limit to the amount of magic money that central banks will be able to conjure out of their magic holes in the air so the magic money can be used for subsidizing congenital losers.

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