NO… trying alter climate change is NOT like the Apollo program

Oft-heard nonsense uttered in the Financial Times.

Here it is.

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The Apollo program was a well-defined, manageable and affordable challenge involving well-understood physics and conceivable/feasible engineering. None of that applies to global warming.

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One thought on “NO… trying alter climate change is NOT like the Apollo program”

  1. The Apollo Program, the Military, and the mission all have something fundamental in common: they are driven by Objectives, unambiguous accomplishments that are clearly either accomplished or not. ”

    JFK exemplified the clearly stated objective: “I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth. ”

    Technological R&D, the Police, and a Duty are driven by an ongoing Purpose that remains unfulfilled and unfulfillable, regardless of whatever accomplishments can be enumerated.

    Government Bureaucracy specializes in creating Purposes (feeding the poor, providing health care, handing out entitlements, stopping climate change)) that are designed to last forever with no
    resolution to whatever is the underlying cause of whatever the problem is perceived to be. They are a ‘treatment’ rather than a ‘cure’.

    All life consumes resources and produces waste, altering its own environment. The laws of thermodynamics demand it. The planet is finite, so all of its resources are as well. The only way physically possible to preserve resources indefinitely and to prevent pollution is to eliminate the life that is connected to them.

    Personally, I plan to adapt – to find new resources to exploit and find uses for waste.
    Objectives and Purposes are as different as solids and fluids.

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