House Dems pick make-believe global warming over car safety

Who wouldn’t choose trivial reductions in greenhouse has emissions over actual vehicle safety improvements?

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It’s bad enough that poorer people are compelled to drive smaller, lighter and so deadlier cars. Now safety options are being denied for absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

You would think Democrat politicians would want to do more to keep their low income constituency alive.

2 thoughts on “House Dems pick make-believe global warming over car safety”

  1. I cannot understand the way the Democrats line up to continue the fraud of ‘Global Warming/Climate Change. Could it be, that they really want to be a Marxist Social Republic Member of the UN’s Socialist global controlling government? It is not my being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ it is their own Agenda 21 and that is not a conspiracy theory, it is their plan which is being implemented as we speak and has been for decades.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

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